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Mepps XD Xtra Deep Spoon

Mepps XD Xtra Deep Spoon

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If you fish deep lakes, river pools or fast water you owe it to yourself to try the Mepps® XD® (Xtra Deep). Mepps didn't invent the shaft-through-the-blade spinner, we perfected it.

Awhile back we took a hard look at deep-running spinners. We were looking for a lure that would hold up to the toughest fishing pressure. The Mepps Aglia Long® runs deep and there's no doubt it's very effective, but we were looking for something that would "hug" the bottom regardless of the water depth or the speed of the retrieve.

Early research showed us it isn't hard to create a lead-bodied shaft-through-the-blade spinner that will stay deep, but lead-bodied spinners don't stand-up to the rigors of every-day fishing. They're also not environmentally friendly. Break one off and you're leaving a chunk of lead in the bottom of the lake or stream, and there's a growing number of anglers who just don't feel good about this.

Creating a shaft-through-the-blade spinner that was environmentally friendly and would stay deep was much more challenging. Dozens of ideas were tried and tossed, but it all paid off when we came up with the Mepps XD. We discovered it not only met our expectations, it exceeded them.
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