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Deception Bait Screw

Deception Bait Screw

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Deception Bait Screw is an excellent addition to any angler's tackle box. Each pack contains 10 screws that are incredibly lightweight, allowing for a natural movement of the bait in the water. These screws are simple to use and can be paired with most baits, including boilies, pop-ups, wafters, nuts, soft pellets, and artificial baits. They are also versatile enough to be used with almost any rig setup and can be easily mounted to D-rig aligners or directly to the hook with a shank bead.

The 360 TransClear bait screw features the same plastic construction with the addition of a micro ring swivel inserted for a full rotation of the mounted bait. This unique design provides the hook with a faster turning ability, resulting in a more natural lie when settled on the lake bed. Choose Deception Bait Screw for a reliable and effective addition to your fishing setup.

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