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Sebile Proppler Buzz Bait

Sebile Proppler Buzz Bait

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Cast this lure into impossibly heavy cover and retrieve so it comes across any open patches. This lure is completely weedless so allows you to target fish hanging out in those snaggy spots.

Weighted head allows the proppler buzz to track straight and fish at a wide range of retrieval speeds. Floating body filled with high pitch glass rattles for added noise.

The lure can be fished on the surface or will sit a few inches below when steady retrieved without leaving a surface disturbance. Experiment with retrieval speeds and rod angle to see the varied lure actions. Pause your retrieval for a few seconds to mimic a fish coming up for air, this often encourages bites with this lure.

The lure is also effective when twitched and paused similar to fishing frog lures.

The dressed hook is oversized to increase hook up efficiency.

Weighs 25g.

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