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Zoom Swimmin' Super Fluke Jr 3 Inch

Zoom Swimmin' Super Fluke Jr 3 Inch

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Introducing the Zoom Bait Swimmin' Super Fluke Jr, a must-have lure for anglers seeking to outsmart their aquatic adversaries. This soft plastic darting shad imitator is the ultimate weapon around grassy areas and laydowns, where its irresistible movements provoke even the most passive fish.

With its deep belly design, featuring a convenient hook slot and a forked tail, this lure effortlessly swoops and glides through the water, mimicking the motion of a natural baitfish. Its salt-impregnated composition adds an extra layer of allure that fish simply can't resist.

The Super Fluke, the original darting shad imitator, has stood the test of time and remains unmatched in its effectiveness. Its unique construction causes it to dart, glide, and even perform a knuckleball-like action underwater. The size of this baitfish imitator appeals to a wide range of fish, from limit-sized catches to the largest specimens inhabiting your local lake.

Versatility is key with the Super Fluke. Rig it weightless, and it will skitter enticingly across the water's surface, mimicking the movements of an injured shad. Alternatively, employ a belly-weighted hook or insert weights to take it to the desired depth for a more targeted approach.

Each pack includes 5 of these remarkable Baitfish Imitators, ensuring you have enough ammunition to tackle any angling adventure that comes your way.

Upgrade your fishing game with the Super Fluke Jr - the ultimate lure designed to deceive and conquer. Get ready to tempt the fish of a lifetime and secure your spot as a true angling champion.

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