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Rapture Fizz Jig

Rapture Fizz Jig

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Introducing the Rapture Artificial Fizz: Your Secret Weapon for Trout, Perch, and Small Bass

Looking to elevate your fishing game? Look no further than the Rapture Artificial Fizz. This small spinning lure is a true powerhouse when it comes to catching trout, perch, small bass, and excels in street and rock fishing scenarios.

Equipped with Power Point super-light and super-penetrating chemically sharpened hooks, the Fizz Jig is a compact wonder that packs a punch. Its irresistible design and enticing movements stimulate predators, enticing them to strike with a voracious appetite.

In each pack you get two jigs! Each weighing in at 7g perfect size for most scenarios with a #1 hook - you can also try adding a trailer lure we recommend a paddle tail for extra attraction.

Don't miss out on this game-changing lure that's sure to turn the tide in your favour. Upgrade your tackle box with the Rapture Artificial Fizz and experience the thrill of reeling in your next trophy.

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